Questions about your practice?
The answers are in your data.

Dentally's practice analytics and reporting provides your whole team with the ability to make data driven decisions

Visual presentation

Get a quick understanding of your practice with easy to interpret visualisations of your data. Where appropriate Dentally will automatically graph your data for you.

Lightning fast

No more waiting around for "reports to run". Dentally gives you the data instantly. The rock solid foundations of Dentally ensure your numbers are crunched quickly saving you time in the practice.


Slice your data the way you like it with filters and toggles. With Dentally you can explore your data visually with interactive elements, to gain new insights and present data for the whole team or individual performers.


Beyond exploration, data is directly actionable in Dentally. You can issue recall reminders or export contact details to mailing lists for an end to end process. Your data is easy to export to a .csv for you to go into even greater depth in Excel or Google Sheets.

Easy to interpret answers

Dentally presents your data to you in easy to use ways. Getting you answers faster.

Questions Dentally can help you answer:

"How many new patients joined the practice this year, and what payment plans are they on?"

"What have the takings been for the principal over the last year?"

"Show me all of the patients with incomplete treatment plans and unbooked appointments"


Top level analysis, with the ability to go in depth

Analytics and reporting in Dentally provides you with the overview, but also lets you drill down into the data



Export data straight into tools like Mailchimp or Excel for immediate action.



Get easy insights into previously difficult to obtain metrics to make new decisions about your practice.



Graphical visualisations and simple presentation makes understanding your data intuitive.



Explore your data with interactive visualisations and reports to get a true understanding of your practice.

Analytics and Reports to cover your whole practice

Reporting in Dentally covers all aspects of running a dental practice.


Get a handle of your practices financials with real time data for takings, invoices, patient accounts and NHS UDAs. These reports give you really simple insights into your practice's business performance.


Understand your patient population with reports covering new patients per month, age distributions in your patients, your patients birthdays and patients that haven't been to the practice for a while with the lapsed patient report. All of these tools combine, to inform you of great times to get in touch with your patients.


Perform appointment recalls as well as looking at the break down of appointments per month. You can also explore your recent appointments and chair utlisation to ensure you are optimizing your time in the practice.


Get access to analytics for your treatments with reports that can show you completed but not closed treatment, all patients with unbooked appointments for treatment, patients with unfinished treatments and finally all of your practitioners activity.

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