Dentally just keeps getting better.

Here are some of the latest features and updates.

NHS Changes

Posted by Jonny on 30 March 2015

As people get ready to ring in the new tax year, here at Dentally we have been busy making changes to improve our NHS work flows.

NHS prices

From the 1st of April the following prices will be coming into effect, as previously announced by the NHS

| Country | Band 1 | Band 2 | Band 3 | |———|——–|——–|———| | England | £18.80 | £51.30 | £222.50 | | Wales | £13.50 | £43.00 | £185.00 |

Don’t worry, unlike with most other practice management systems you won’t need to lift a finger. We have already updated the prices for all practices. This change will take effect as soon as you start your first course of treatment on the 1st April.

Part payments

You may have discovered already that you can now charge a course of treatment part way through. This allows you to better protect yourself against non-returning patients. When a patient does return for further treatment Dentally calculates the new total taking into account what’s already been paid.

Delayed submission

Unlike other providers, Dentally gives you daily updates on your NHS claims. As part of this we have always taken the view that it’s best to submit your claims to the NHS as soon as they have been completed, rather than batching them up and transmitting them at the end of the day. However as we are all human, mistakes can be made. As such we have decided to add an hour delay between completing a course of treatment and Dentally delivering it to the NHS. This, for example, will allow you to add an exemption if it was left off. You can see these pending claims in your NHS report under the ‘new’ status.


Lapsed Patients Report

Posted by Ross on 6 March 2015

To celebrate the weekend we have a small gift for you. We had a lot of requests to build a report that could give you a list of patients that haven’t been for an appointment since a certain date.

This week we released the ‘Lapsed Patients’ report. This report lets you set a date in the top left and it will return a list of patients that haven’t been to see you since that date. You can then export that list to a csv and use it in any software you like such as MailChimp to send a targeted email campaign. You can access the new report under the ‘Patient Reports’ section or view it directly here

Hey, in fact Ben wrote a blog post on exactly how to do that yesterday! You can read it here, seriously it will super-charge your email marketing!

Have a great weekend and drop us an email on [email protected] if you have any questions about the new report or you just want to say Hi. I really hope the new report can help you to target your efforts on bringing patients back to the practice.

We’re also on twitter and facebook so come and say ‘Hi’ there.


New Calendar

Posted by Jonny on 18 December 2014

New Calendar

Based on the extremely valuable feedback from our users we have just released our new calendar! The new calendar is crisper, cleaner and packed with new features, which will make managing your appointment book a breeze.

Availability Finder

Our powerful, new availability finder is accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top. This can be used to quickly locate available appointment slots without having to scan through each day. There is also a new facility for creating recurring events to block off time in the calendar such as half days, along with simplifying moving appointments to the clipboard by pressing a button.

New Calendar Menu

One commonly requested feature was the ability for different users to quickly customise their calendar views. I’m happy to announce that we have acted on this and the new calendar includes the option for users to quickly toggle which practitioners they are viewing and how the appointments are coloured, be it by practitioner or payment plan, etc..


Letters for Dentally, Dental Software

Posted by James on 11 August 2014

As of today you can now create and edit custom letters from within Dentally. To create a letter, visit the correspondence tab of any patient and click on the “Letter” button in the top left. You can then select the letter you’d like to create. If you only see one letter here you can quickly add more templates.


Once you’ve created your letter you can edit it to customise the content. You can also quickly change the addressee should you want to sent your letter to someone other than the patient. If you’re often sending letters to 3rd parties you may want to add them as a specialist or a doctor. Their address will then appear in the drop-down list, saving you even more time!

Letters Edit

Happy writing!


6 Pocket Perio

Posted by Jonny on 18 July 2014

We are pleased to announce the general release of 6 pocket perio charting. We hope this new feature will allow you to quickly record and monitor the oral health of your patients.

New Perio

To get started go to a patient you wish to chart and click on the “Perio” tab. A blank chart will appear which you can populate with readings. The first page is for readings on the upper teeth but you can navigate to the lower teeth and the plaque recordings by using the button’s in the top left hand corner.

Entering Readings

New Perio

In addition to pocket depths and recession values, supplementary information can be recorded through keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the “B” key while on the appropriate pocket will toggle the bleeding indicator on and off. Similarly pressing the “S” key will toggle suppuration. The different grades of furcation can be cycled by pressing the “F” key.

Saving & Selecting

Once you are finished press the save button. You can view past exams by selecting them from the drop down the top left hand corner. If they are older than 24 hours they will be locked as indicated by the padlock symbol. If you ever get stuck click the icon for a quick refresher.

New Perio

Bleeding & Plaque Monitoring

New Perio

The Plaque and bleeding exam allows you to quickly record the plaque and bleeding status of a patients mouth. Select plaque or bleeding by clicking the appropriate button and then click on the affected tooth surfaces. A quick overview is also provided, displaying the vital statistics from the exam.