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Improvements to Patient's Appointments Tab

Posted by Jonny on 20 March 2014

We strive to continuously improve Dentally with our mission to allow users to perform tasks as efficiently as possible. With that in mind we’ve been working on the patient’s appointments tab, an area where we believed there was much room for improvement! These changes mean you can now quickly get an overview of the patient’s past and future appointments as well as allowing you to dig down for more detailed information should you need it.

Patient's Appointment Page

Hovering your mouse over the communication icons () on the right hand side shows you details of the appointment SMS reminder that the patient was sent. If the patient replied then you’ll see this icon otherwise you’ll only see this icon .

Patient's Appointment Page

We are also providing more detailed analytics, with a new summary of the patient’s previous appointments. The overview now displays the number of appointments which were “Cancelled” or “Did not attend”, as well as the patient’s average punctuality; enabling you to quickly generate a profile of your patient’s appointment habits.

Patient's Appointments

We hope this helps you get the best from your appointment book.


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