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Posted by James on 4 June 2014

Since our last post we’ve made a number of small but useful changes to Dentally. Here’s a round up in case you missed any of them!

  1. A completely new settings page.
  2. Estimates that you’ve previously created can now be viewed and deleted on the correspondence tab.
  3. Uploaded patient documents can now be deleted.
  4. The appointment list view in the calendar now shows you which patients have been contacted by email/SMS so you can quickly contact the patients you need to.
  5. You can now upload multiple X-Rays or photographs to a patient’s chart in one step.
  6. Recall information specific to each patient can now be viewed on the patient’s appointment tab.
  7. The new Recent Appointments report allows you to quickly view all appointments that have been recently cancelled or FTA.
  8. Using the Activity Report you can now easily see the treatment activity of each practitioner and filter by date, payment plan and referrer.
  9. We’ve completely overhauled notes. Notes can now be colour coded as well as pinned to patients records so that you can see the important notes straight away!
  10. Finally, we’re going to be rolling out a new support system over the next few days. This will allow us to better respond to any issues you may have. The support link will be moving over to the navigation menu as shown in the picture below.

We’ve got a lot more great updates planned so keep an eye out for those. To find out the latest information about what’s going on with Dentally you can now follow us on Twitter!


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