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6 Pocket Perio

Posted by Jonny on 18 July 2014

We are pleased to announce the general release of 6 pocket perio charting. We hope this new feature will allow you to quickly record and monitor the oral health of your patients.

New Perio

To get started go to a patient you wish to chart and click on the “Perio” tab. A blank chart will appear which you can populate with readings. The first page is for readings on the upper teeth but you can navigate to the lower teeth and the plaque recordings by using the button’s in the top left hand corner.

Entering Readings

New Perio

In addition to pocket depths and recession values, supplementary information can be recorded through keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the “B” key while on the appropriate pocket will toggle the bleeding indicator on and off. Similarly pressing the “S” key will toggle suppuration. The different grades of furcation can be cycled by pressing the “F” key.

Saving & Selecting

Once you are finished press the save button. You can view past exams by selecting them from the drop down the top left hand corner. If they are older than 24 hours they will be locked as indicated by the padlock symbol. If you ever get stuck click the icon for a quick refresher.

New Perio

Bleeding & Plaque Monitoring

New Perio

The Plaque and bleeding exam allows you to quickly record the plaque and bleeding status of a patients mouth. Select plaque or bleeding by clicking the appropriate button and then click on the affected tooth surfaces. A quick overview is also provided, displaying the vital statistics from the exam.


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