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New Calendar

Posted by Jonny on 18 December 2014

New Calendar

Based on the extremely valuable feedback from our users we have just released our new calendar! The new calendar is crisper, cleaner and packed with new features, which will make managing your appointment book a breeze.

Availability Finder

Our powerful, new availability finder is accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top. This can be used to quickly locate available appointment slots without having to scan through each day. There is also a new facility for creating recurring events to block off time in the calendar such as half days, along with simplifying moving appointments to the clipboard by pressing a button.

New Calendar Menu

One commonly requested feature was the ability for different users to quickly customise their calendar views. I’m happy to announce that we have acted on this and the new calendar includes the option for users to quickly toggle which practitioners they are viewing and how the appointments are coloured, be it by practitioner or payment plan, etc..