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Lapsed Patients Report

Posted by Ross on 6 March 2015

To celebrate the weekend we have a small gift for you. We had a lot of requests to build a report that could give you a list of patients that haven’t been for an appointment since a certain date.

This week we released the ‘Lapsed Patients’ report. This report lets you set a date in the top left and it will return a list of patients that haven’t been to see you since that date. You can then export that list to a csv and use it in any software you like such as MailChimp to send a targeted email campaign. You can access the new report under the ‘Patient Reports’ section or view it directly here

Hey, in fact Ben wrote a blog post on exactly how to do that yesterday! You can read it here, seriously it will super-charge your email marketing!

Have a great weekend and drop us an email on [email protected] if you have any questions about the new report or you just want to say Hi. I really hope the new report can help you to target your efforts on bringing patients back to the practice.

We’re also on twitter and facebook so come and say ‘Hi’ there.


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