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NHS Changes

Posted by Jonny on 30 March 2015

As people get ready to ring in the new tax year, here at Dentally we have been busy making changes to improve our NHS work flows.

NHS prices

From the 1st of April the following prices will be coming into effect, as previously announced by the NHS

| Country | Band 1 | Band 2 | Band 3 | |———|——–|——–|———| | England | £18.80 | £51.30 | £222.50 | | Wales | £13.50 | £43.00 | £185.00 |

Don’t worry, unlike with most other practice management systems you won’t need to lift a finger. We have already updated the prices for all practices. This change will take effect as soon as you start your first course of treatment on the 1st April.

Part payments

You may have discovered already that you can now charge a course of treatment part way through. This allows you to better protect yourself against non-returning patients. When a patient does return for further treatment Dentally calculates the new total taking into account what’s already been paid.

Delayed submission

Unlike other providers, Dentally gives you daily updates on your NHS claims. As part of this we have always taken the view that it’s best to submit your claims to the NHS as soon as they have been completed, rather than batching them up and transmitting them at the end of the day. However as we are all human, mistakes can be made. As such we have decided to add an hour delay between completing a course of treatment and Dentally delivering it to the NHS. This, for example, will allow you to add an exemption if it was left off. You can see these pending claims in your NHS report under the ‘new’ status.


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