Dentally just keeps getting better.

Here are some of the latest features and updates.

Recent Changes

Posted by James on 4 June 2014

Since our last post we’ve made a number of small but useful changes to Dentally. Here’s a round up in case you missed any of them!

  1. A completely new settings page.
  2. Estimates that you’ve previously created can now be viewed and deleted on the correspondence tab.
  3. Uploaded patient documents can now be deleted.
  4. The appointment list view in the calendar now shows you which patients have been contacted by email/SMS so you can quickly contact the patients you need to.
  5. You can now upload multiple X-Rays or photographs to a patient’s chart in one step.
  6. Recall information specific to each patient can now be viewed on the patient’s appointment tab.
  7. The new Recent Appointments report allows you to quickly view all appointments that have been recently cancelled or FTA.
  8. Using the Activity Report you can now easily see the treatment activity of each practitioner and filter by date, payment plan and referrer.
  9. We’ve completely overhauled notes. Notes can now be colour coded as well as pinned to patients records so that you can see the important notes straight away!
  10. Finally, we’re going to be rolling out a new support system over the next few days. This will allow us to better respond to any issues you may have. The support link will be moving over to the navigation menu as shown in the picture below.

We’ve got a lot more great updates planned so keep an eye out for those. To find out the latest information about what’s going on with Dentally you can now follow us on Twitter!


Popup notes

UI Overhaul

Posted by James on 16 April 2014

We’ve spent the past few weeks redesigning a new user interface for Dentally. We think the new, cleaner layout is a lot more user friendly and quicker to navigate. The changes are not just skin deep. We’ve also spent quite a bit of time optimsing Dentally for iPad or tablet, making it even easier for you to catch up on paperwork from anywhere.

New Dentally UI

We’re very excited to launch this update but would also love to hear what you think!


Accounting Boost

Posted by James on 3 April 2014

We’re making it even easier to stay on top of your finances by launching a number of accounting focused updates! Here’s whats new:

Redesigned Patient Accounts

Until today, all of a patients payments and invoices were grouped together making it tricky to see exactly what had been paid and what was owing. We’ve now split invoices and payments so, at a glance, you can immediately see the information that you need. You can also click on the invoice number to see a preview of that invoice. To speed things up Dentally will also try and auto-explain payments and invoices when they’re created. Don’t worry though, you can still manually explain a payment should you need to! Payments can also now be deleted if you make a mistake, however you will need to be an administrator in order to do this. Even after you’ve deleted the payment there’ll still be a record of the payment as well as who deleted it and when. You can find this information in the patient’s Audit tab.

Patient Account Page

Better Reporting

We’ve also created 3 new reports that’ll give you better visibility into the financials of your practice. The first is the Invoice Timeline Report that is designed to give you a quick overview of the totals of the invoices that have been paid vs the ones that are still outstanding.

Invoice Timeline Report

If you want to drill down further and find out exactly which invoices remain unpaid simply take a look at the Invoices Report. From here you can filter by invoice state (Paid or Unpaid) as well as re-order the columns by clicking on their titles.

Invoices Report

Finally we’ve added an Accounts Report where you can view each patient’s account. Here you can see the patient’s account balance as well as the value of planned NHS and private treatment. Again you can click on the titles to reorder the columns. You can also see the total value of planned treatment across the entire practice at the bottom of the page.

We think these changes are a big improvement however we’re not content with simply stopping here. We’ve got even more accounting improvements planned so keep an eye out for those!

As always we’d love to hear you feedback as well as any ideas you think would help make Dentally better for everyone.


Improvements to Patient's Appointments Tab

Posted by Jonny on 20 March 2014

We strive to continuously improve Dentally with our mission to allow users to perform tasks as efficiently as possible. With that in mind we’ve been working on the patient’s appointments tab, an area where we believed there was much room for improvement! These changes mean you can now quickly get an overview of the patient’s past and future appointments as well as allowing you to dig down for more detailed information should you need it.

Patient's Appointment Page

Hovering your mouse over the communication icons () on the right hand side shows you details of the appointment SMS reminder that the patient was sent. If the patient replied then you’ll see this icon otherwise you’ll only see this icon .

Patient's Appointment Page

We are also providing more detailed analytics, with a new summary of the patient’s previous appointments. The overview now displays the number of appointments which were “Cancelled” or “Did not attend”, as well as the patient’s average punctuality; enabling you to quickly generate a profile of your patient’s appointment habits.

Patient's Appointments

We hope this helps you get the best from your appointment book.


Waiting Room & Notification Improvements

Posted by James on 13 March 2014

We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’re pleased to announce a couple of small improvements to the waiting room and patient arrival notifications.

Waiting Room

From today all users will be able to see a list of all patients that are in the waiting room by clicking on the icon at the top left of the page. To provide a bit more information about the appointment we’ve added the patient’s payment plan colour as well as the initals of the provider. It also shows how long each patient has been waiting and will highlight the patient’s name in bold if they are waiting to see you.

Clicking on the patient’s name will take you to their record and automatically update the appointment status from “Arrived” to “In surgery”. The appointment status will only be updated if you click on a patient that is waiting to see you, so don’t worry if you click on another provider’s patient.

We’ve also added desktop notifications for when patients arrive. To enable these you must first click on the icon in the top right of the page and then click on “Allow” as shown in the picture below.

Allow Notifications

Next time a patient arrives for an appointment, you should hear a sound and receive a desktop notification similar to the one below. Clicking on the notification will take you to the patient’s record however you can also dismiss the notification if you’re not quite ready to see the patient.

Appointment Notification

We hope these small improvements will help you keep your appointment book running smoothly!