Dentally just keeps getting better.

Here are some of the latest features and updates.

Live Chat

Posted by Nick on 5 March 2014

At NJ Technologies we appreciate that good software also needs great support. We also understand that for dentists it’s not easy to spend time on the phone with customer support when you have patients in the waiting room! So we are pleased to release our live chat and support, a really quick and easy way for you to get in touch with us 24/7.

How it works

You can get to the chat in the bottom right of you screen, as in the picture below. During the day we are available on chat for absolutely anything, and after hours you can submit a ticket and we will get onto it ASAP.

Live Chat Support

We thrive on feedback and this is how we continuously make Dentally better, so we want to hear from our customers about everything that they think could be better of make their life easier, and our new in app support system is a way to do just that as soon as you notice something.

So drop us a line!


Reports for Dentally, Dental Software

Posted by James on 9 February 2014

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the first set of reporting tools designed to help you better manage your practice. We’ve also introduced a number of key metrics to the dashboard so you can quickly see a summary of what’s going on inside your dental practice.

Report Button

One of our favourite reports is the New Patients Per Month report as it’s easy to compare your new patient growth this month with other months. By default we’ll show you the last 12 months but the date filters allow you to expand or shrink the range. Clicking on the export button will download a CSV of the current report so you can use the data to build your own reports in your favourite spreadsheet editor.

New Patients Report

To help make sure that you don’t forget to complete courses of treatment we’ve added the Open Courses of Treatment with No Outstanding Treatment report. The report allows you to filter by practitioner and payment plan and so is particularly useful for finding NHS courses of treatment where you’ve forgotten to submit a claim!

To help with cashing up at the end of the day we’ve added a Takings Report which shows all payments received over a given period.


Not all reports are available to all users. Wherever you see this lock it means that the report is only available to users with permission level 3 and above.

You can adjust the permission level of each user in the admin settings.

The rest of the reports we’ve introduced today can be found on the report page but this is just the beginning. We’re planning on adding more and more reports over the coming weeks to provide you with valuable insight into your dental practice!

Happy reporting!


BPE & Medical History Improvements

Posted by Nick on 24 January 2014

Base Periodontal Exams (BPE)

You can now chart the BPE within the patient’s record on the BPE tab to the right of the patient’s chart. This is shown in the image below:


Bleeding is indicated by a red bar and can be toggled on and off by pressing “B” and Furcation is indicated by the asterisk and can be toggled by pressing “F” or the “*” keys.

BPE reminders can be set to remind you when to take the next exam, the BPE tab turns red to remind you one is due.

Medical History Alert Text

Alert text can now be entered to appear in the patient bar next to the alert “heart”. You can enter the text in the Medical tab in the patient record. If you click “Save” it will automatically cause the alert to appear. This can be toggle on and off with the “Turn Alert On/Off” button.

Medical History Alert

Medical History Expiry

When a medical history has expired and needs renewing the reminder text “Medical History” appears in the patient bar. This disappears when a new medical history is recorded.

Medical History Reminder

Happy Drilling!