Recent changes to Dentally

We haven’t updated the changelog for a while so here’s a snapshot what we’ve been up to over the last month.

New: At the end of each day we now automatically mark appointments as Did not attend if the patient doesn’t turn up for their appointment. Less clicking for those on reception!

New: We now support a full data migration from Pearl Dental Software to Dentally. That’s one fewer reason why you shouldn’t start using Dentally.

Updated: Added the name of the day to the patient’s appointment list. It was a bit mean to make you work out the day in your head.

Updated: Appointments that were marked as Did not attend now show up in the calendar. No more wondering why there appeared to be lots of empty space in your diary.

Updated: Removed the word minutes when exporting the appointment report to make it easier to sum the duration column in your favorite spreadsheet editor.

Updated: Since only administrators can create recurring appointments we think it’s fair that only administrators should be able to delete them.

Updated: The NHS changed the way Advanced Mandatory Services are reported on FP17s.

Updated: The NHS have changed the way performer numbers are validated.

Fixed: A bug on the calendar date picker that caused the wrong day to be highlighted.

Fixed: A super annoying issue that could cause the wrong patient to be selected when booking an appointment. This only happened if you had a very long list of patients when searching. Promise.

Fixed: An incorrect under 18 years of age exemption warning that was shown on NHS claims when patients were actually 19 years old.

Fixed: Invoice paid on date displayed the date the payment had been explained, rather than the date it had actually been paid.

Fixed: Really, really long notes could look a bit strange when truncated. Now they’re looking as sharp as the rest of your notes.

Fixed: The relevant treatment icons are now correctly removed from the chart if the entire course of treatment is deleted. No more re-freshing the page to check if they’ve been removed.

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New: A data tag for next_appointment_date has been added to the letters and estimates.

This allows you to pull in straight from Dentally your patient’s next appointment date and drop it straight into a any correspondence. No need to go searching.

To find out more about Correspondence Data Tags here.

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At the end of each day Dentally now updates all appointments that were left as “Pending” or “Confirmed” to “Did not attend”.

This allows you to easily see the patients that failed to show for their appointment so that you can follow up with them.

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Updated: Improved error messages when creating recurring appointments

Updated: Improved how missing teeth are handled in bleeding and plaque exam stats.

Updated: Filter practitioner activity report by treatment

New: Practices can enter custom paper sizes for appointment card printing

New: Option to disable patient friendly tooth naming in patient communications

Bug: Fixed live updating of patient balances when submitting NHS claim

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New: Charting icons now include arrows.

New: You can now archive old NHS contracts.

New: Never lose a CoT again with a new report for finding all open CoTs with no future appointments.

Updated: Practices can now customise their appointment card text.

Updated: Chart Notes are now truncated for a cleaner appearance. Just click the expansion button to view the notes in all their fabulous glory.

Updated: You can now archive patient communications on mass for a quicker way to a cleaner Inbox.

Updated: Takings report can be searched by Date

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At the end of each day Dentally now updates all appointments that were left as “Arrived” or “In surgery” to “Completed”. This is useful in cases where staff members accidentally forget to update the status of appointments during the patient’s journey from armchair to surgery chair. Dentally cleans this up to keep reports and other data useful and lets you focus on the patient.

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New: We’ve added a new button to the calendar to quickly move forward one week.

New: You can now confirm the time of an empty slot by hovering over it, just to be certain.

Updated: Clicking on a patients name in the Calendar now takes you to your preferred tab on the patient’s record.

Updated: You Now can’t resize appointments by using the resizer at the bottom. but this will be rectified in the next few minutes.

Updated: The appointment notes now appear on the calendar in their glorious entirety!

Updated: Emergency slots have been made to stand out more.

Fixed: When navigating to today, the calendar now scrolls to the current time (just like before).

Fixed: Improved the way free time is display when using the availability finder.

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New: We’ve added each patient’s phone number to the printed day list.

New: The Practitioner Activity Report sees two new columns, Paid and Paid On.

New: Associates no longer have an excuse to miss their UDA targets as they can now track their own performance using the NHS UDAs Report.

Updated: Associates (permission level 2) are now able to delete letters, but only if they created them.

Fixed: Chart notes can now be underlined. Probably.

Fixed: Much to the relief of the grammar police, right clicking on a misspelled word when typing up notes no longer causes the word to vanish into thin air.

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New: A data tag for patient_account_balances has been added. This allows you to pull in straight from Dentally to add the account balance of the patients to letters. You can find out more about Correspondence Data Tags here.

Updated: Users who are (permission level 2) are now able to delete Treatment Plans.

Fixed: When explaining a payment, the amount will no longer be updated when clicking on an invoice to allow for partial payments.

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You can now see all the beautiful smiles of your patients when viewing the SMS’s/Emails to and from them in your inbox.

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Practices can now print appointment cards from within Dentally using Zebra printers. If your practice is set up to use this, all you have to do is select the appointment you want to print from the calender and click the printer icon on the bottom right of the appointment box.

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We’ve lauched our Status Page which shows realtime performance metrics from across the Dentally network. Any issues or problems we have with Dentally will be posted here.

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Appointments on the clipboard now display a short treatment summary. Hovering over the summary will show the full details. This should make booking multiple appointments for the same patient much easier as you’ll be able to see exactly which appointment is which. Bonza!

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Fixed: Treatments with default prices over £1,000 could be displayed incorrectly on invoices. This was sub-optimal, and has been optimized to the point where it now no longer does that.

Fixed: Rearranging treatments that had long and detailed notes was tricky and sometimes impossible. It’s now easy and 100% possible.

Fixed: A pesky issue when printing appointment cards occasionally caused the appointments to be printed out of order. The appointments now are under strict instructions to arrange themselves in date order.

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