Clinical excellence

Clinical work in Dentally is a streamlined process that saves time in the surgery, whilst letting you provide the best care possible.

Full clinical support

With Dentally you can perform clinical exams covering charting, treatment planning, 6 pocket perio, BPE. Dentally also allows you to record medical histories and clinical images.

Streamlined design

The whole clinical experience of Dentally has been designed to save you time in the surgery, so you can spend your time caring for your patient. Everything from the user interface through to the ability to customise Dentally will help you deliver the best care to your patients.

Easy to use

Powerful tools meets ease of use in Dentally. Dental software has never been more simple to use. User interaction and visual design has been refined with dentists all over the UK.


Everyone is different, and with your own personal Dentally account you can tailor your treatment list to be exactly how you like it. You can also create customised note templates to save you time in the clinic.

More charting, less clicking

Chart and plan treatments efficiently with Dentally's refined clinical workflow


Record a baseline and plan all on the same chart

Dentally's chart shows you planned treatment right alongside what is currently in the mouth. This makes it easier to plan the right treatments for the patient.

Customisable treatment list

Everyone works differently and that's why Dentally lets you customise your treatment list. Powerful search and filtering also lets you find a treatment you're looking for with ease.

Charge treatment and submit claims from the chart

Seamlessly move from charting and performing treatment through to charging the patient and submitting claims. Being able to complete and process treatments straight from the chart saves you time.

Perform detailed periodontal exams

Use Dentally to record six-pocket perio exams in the surgery. The process is quick and easy.


Easily include BPE exams into your standard examination workflow with Dentally's simple BPE recording.

Six-pocket Perio

Performing a full periodontal exam can be labourious but Dentally makes it as easy as possible by providing a responsive and quick to use interface.

Great Visualisations

Engage with your patients around their periodontal chart with easy to interpret visualisations, that are great for your whole team as well.


Treatment plans made easy

With Dentally you can quickly create treatment plans straight from the chart. From here you can generate estimates and create appointments with ease.

Create treatment plans with your own branding

Consistently convey your brand when interacting with your patients by using Dentally treatment plan templates customised with your practice branding.

Collect informed consent easily

No more hassles collecting informed consent form your patients. With Dentally its very easy to produce an easy to understand treatment plan which can be approved by the patient.

Offer your patients combined NHS and private plans

Maximum flexbility can be provided to your patients by mixing both NHS and fee per item treatments on the same treatment plan.


We're not done yet...

Dentally is packed full of tools to help you care for your patients

Medical Histories

Stay on top of important medical information about your patients by taking simple to use medical histories. The process is very quick and the questions customisable.

Clinical Imaging

Dentally stores patient clinical images straight on the chart for easy access and seamless backups. Smart algorithms ensure images are delivered to you quickly wherever you're using Dentally.

NHS integration

Seamless electronic submission of FP17s straight from the chart ensure you can have an end to end workflow from planning treatment to completing it. Read more about Dentally's NHS integration.

Custom note templates

Blaze through clinical note taking with custom templates you can create. With custom templates the amount of text you need to enter per note is greatly reduced.

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