Dentally can be integrated with a number of platforms to make your life easier and to allow you to create a end-to-end clinical and practice workflow. Securely submit and process NHS e-referrals, automate your workflow and connect your apps, allow your patients to book online, manage and acquire your clinical images and market you business. These integrated tools work seamlessly with Dentally.

Integrate And Organise
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Tools to help you acquire and manage clinical images from X-ray scanners, cameras and other image acquisition devices, to find out more click here.

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Tools to let you automate your dental practice, like Zapier which allows you to move information between your web apps automatically, so you can use your time effectively.

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Appointment Booking

Services to let patients book appointments online or to find new patients, like dentr, who allow your patients to book appointments 24/7 from your website.

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Email Marketing

Tools to help you promote your practice by email marketing, including Mailchimp. Create your mailing lists and send promotional emails to patients today to help you keep in touch with existing patients and reach out to new patients.

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Customer Relationship Management Tools and services help you manage customer relationships with a focus on sales. Particularly useful in managing high value business.

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Patient Education

Education and training tools to help you educate your patients and caregivers, such as MediVision.

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NHS Referrals

Services for referring patients to specialists. Find out more.

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Tools to help you facilitate payments and manage your finances, such as dpas and Xero.