Through integrations with the NHS, payment plan providers, imaging equipment, finance, CRM and appointment booking your practice can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Work with the NHS? We've got you covered

Dentally integrates with the NHS to provide super fast electronic claims in England and Wales

Simple claim submission

No time wasted when it comes to NHS claim submission. Complete the electronic FP17 and submit the claim straight form the patient chart. The claim is sent securely to the NHS for processing.

Claim status returned in 24 hours

Dentally lets you know the status of a claim the moment it is processed by the NHS. This means you can find out if there was a problem with a claim 24 hours after submitting it. Up to the minute claim statuses makes solving issues straight forward.

Claim analytics

Analyse your claims, by status and practioner. This allows you to keep tabs on your progress towards you contracted UDAs so you don't get any nasty surprises.


Even more integrations

From getting new patients to acquiring clinical images there's an integration for that.


Tools to help you acquire and manage clinical images from X-ray scanners, cameras and other image acquisition devices.


Tools to let you automate your dental practice.

Appointment Booking

Services to let patients book appointments online or to find new patients.

Email Marketing

Tools to help you promote your practice by email marketing. Create lists and send promotional emails to patients.


CRM Tools and services help you manage customer relationships with a focus on sales. Particularly useful in managing high value business.

Patient Education

Education and training tools to help you educate your patients and caregivers.

NHS Referrals

Services for referring patients to specialists.


Tools to help you facilitate payments and manage your finances.

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