Every patient counts

That's why Dentally makes it easy for you to stay on top of your appointment book and easily build great relationships with your patients.

Time management

Difficulties in managing the appointment book are a thing of the past in Dentally. Appointment mangement is a streamlined process that saves you time, and makes it easy for the whole team to see what what's going on in the practice.


Dentally helps you ensure your practice runs smoothly and efficiently, everything form appointment creation to contacting patients is a process that has been refined over time to maximise your team's efficiency.

Easy communication

Staying in touch with your patients is important. A great relationship between patients and the practice is essential and with Dentally that's easy to achieve. Quickly and easily contact your patients by letters or full two-way SMS and email, with personalised messages or templates.

A complete set of tools

Dentally is the right tool for the job, whether it's recording payments against detailed patient accounts or a moving an appointment, you'll never feel left behind. Dentally is here to support you in running the best practice you can for your patients.

Better scheduling for your practice

With Dentally never keep a patient waiting whilst you're looking for an available time.


Easy comprehension

The calendar design makes it very easy to quickly digest the appointment book for the day. Appointment clarity is maintained even while many appointment books are open simultaneously.

Lightning fast appointment creation

The fully interactive calendar allows simple click and drag creation of appointments. If looking for a time to book some planned treatment, Dentally will automatically suggest appropriate appointment times for you.


Set up your calendar for your practice. Set opening hours, holidays, blocked off time and emergency hours. You can also set the colours based on the practitioners or the payment plans of the patients.

Ever wanted to manage multiple appointments all at once?

With Dentally's powerful bulk editing functions you can get long jobs done in no time at all.

Save time

Process multiple appointments simultaneously with an easy to use and beautiful interface.

No more repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks in the calendar are a thing of the past. Simply select all the appointments you wish to edit, then choose an ection like "Change Status".

Correspondence from the calendar

Notify patients of changes to their appointments by bulk sending SMS, leters or email. Easily add a personal touch by using data-tags to customise the message for each of your patients.


Looking to stay connected to your patients?

With Dentally you're just a text message away from building a great relationship with your patients.

Have a conversation

Send, receive and reply to SMS and emails straight from within Dentally. Conversations with you patients are easier than ever.

Templates and letters

Customised templates for SMS, email and letters allow you to quickly move through your workload. Letters are created as PDF files and can printed straight form Dentally read for sending.

Stay personal

Messaging patients in Dentally by SMS or email is so quick you can afford to spend time to send personal messages to patients when a template just won't do.

Automated messaging

For simple confirmation messages and reminders Dentally can handle these automatically saving reception staff time to focus on more personal things.


A better patient experience

From booking an appointment to paying for treatment, Dentally is the keystone in providing the best possible patient experience.

Appointment Booking

Appointment booking built into to your practice website.

In practice visit

Never keep a patient waiting with Dentally's easy to use patient search and appointment booking.

Payment New

Record patient payments in Dentally or simply take them with Dentally Pay

Rebooking the next appoinment

Fast booking and easy to use recalls

With the Dentally API, your practice's website can interact directly and securely with your data in Dentally. This means to can provide a perfectly seamless booking experience suited to your practice without using third parties.


Even more features to manage your patients

Dentally has many more features to aid the practice in managing all things related to patients.

Full patient correspondence history

Ever lost that email you sent to the patient? Not anymore with Dentally. For every patient there is a full history of correspondence including email, SMS and letters so you can always find that message.

Generate invoices and take payments

Need a detailed, easy to explore view of a patients account? Dentally has a full history of the patient's accounts that's easy to explore. See a complete history of invoices and payments, and generate new invoices styled just for your practice.

Automated recalls

Dentally's automated recall system ensures no patient is left behind. The time savings by being able to breeze through your recalls will free you up to spend more time focussing on more taxing tasks.

Full audit history on patient information

For your peace of mind Dentally stores a full history of any changes made to a patient record with a time stamp and the user ID. This ensures you can always go back through your records and identifty when any discrepancies were introduced.

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