Editing Charged Treatment

You may sometimes need to edit treatments after they have been marked as complete and paid on an invoice.

To do this, you need to remove the invoice first. Dentally will stop you from amending treatments that are on an invoice as it would not make sense to allow treatments that have been charged for to be changed after they have been invoiced and paid.

If a treatment on a plan has been marked as complete and charged on an invoice, you will not see the tick that allows you to unmark the treatment as complete:

As you can see in the example below, the Recement Inlay has not been charged for and can therefore be unticked and edited. The Inlay Prep has been charged on an invoice and does not have the tick. Its invoice will need to be removed before this treatment can be edited.

Charged Treatment

Follow the usual method for removing the invoice as described here.

Once the invoice has been removed, you will be able to untick the treatment contained on it to mark it as incomplete. The treatment can then be edited as required and then the invoice recreated by charging the treatment again.

If you need to re-create the invoice for a date other than today, remember to use the Set Charge Date option when charging the treatment.

Charge Treatment

Set the charge date as required:

Charged Date

Finally navigate back to the Accounts screen and assign any payments to the invoice again.