Processing Payments


In the Accounts section of a patient’s profile you can see invoices and payments. 

To make a payment click on the ‘New Payment’ tab and enter the payment information.

When choosing the payment method, click on 'Payment Method’ which will have a drop down box of various methods to choose from. 

You will need to select which Practitioner the payment is being taken for. It will default to the patient’s registered dentist.

After choosing the Payment method, Payment plan and Practitioner and saving the payment it will appear in Payments, if the payment is straight forward and the amount can be matched to an outstanding balance on an invoice, it will automatically sync the payment with the invoice.

Once the payment has been explained it will be ticked green and invoices will match payments.

If the payment value does not match an outstanding invoice

Explain Payment

If a payment is made that does not match an outstanding amount on an invoice, you will then need to explain it by clicking on the orange question mark to the right of the payment.

You can then state how much of the payment you wish to explain and choose from any outstanding invoices for the patient.

Explain Payment