Refunding a Patient


There are usually 2 reasons, you may want to refund a patient. Either the patient has paid an amount of money that you no longer wish to use and that patient is in credit, or you have charged the patient for some work and you wish to lower their charge.

If you have charged for work and wish to lower the charge, it is advisable to retain that work on the system and create a credit for the patient:

To refund a patient using a credit:

  • Chart a ‘General Note’
  • Click on the note to bring up note information
  • Add the amount to be refunded in 'Cost’
  • Add a minus before it
  • Choose to show on invoice
  • Click to complete and charge
  • The account will be refunded for the amount entered

The refund will now appear on the invoice.

To refund an unused payment:

  • Simply add a payment with a minus figure value to the amount you are refunding
  • Click on the orange question mark by the refunded amount and manually type in an explanation, stating the payment number that the entry is refunding
  • Click on the orange question mark by the payment that you have refunded and manually type in an explanation stating that it has been refunded