Adding a New User

To add a new user to the system you need to enter their details into the system settings. You need to be logged in as a user with level 4 security access to gain entry to the Settings menu.

In the Settings menu, go to Users and select New User.

Name, Email and Role section: Expand and add the user’s name and email address. This email address becomes their login name and must be an email address they have access to. It’s important to add the user with their correct role as we will see in a minute.

Their mobile phone number needs to be entered in this section if you want to switch on the extra security feature of 2 Factor Authentication, which means they will receive a text with a passcode every time they try to log in. You can leave this blank if you don’t intend to use this feature.

Security: You must set a security level for the new user. This dictates what features the user can access in Dentally and there are some suggested roles by those security levels.

You can switch on 2 factor authentication in this screen, which will use the mobile number you have entered above. The user must have their mobile with them whenever they wish to log in if you enable this feature.

You can also restrict the user log in hours in here. Enable the option if required and set the hours they are allowed to use the system.

You can now save the User! They will be sent an email, inviting them to join Dentally. They need to click on the link in this email, which will take them to the login screen. In this screen, they will be asked to set up a password.

If they miss the invitation email, you can come back into this screen to resend the invite. The new user must follow the most recent invitation link which expires if not used within a short time period.

If you have set their role up as a Dentist or Hygienist, they will also have a ‘Practitioner’ set up for them. These are the users who get an appointment book. These Practitioners are editable from the Practitioner tab at the top of the Users screen. You can change their colour and NHS settings in there if you need to. If you need to set up the working hours differently to the practice standard, you will need to use recurring appointments in the settings menu.

Last updated on 24th July 2018