Adding/Editing Treatment


In Settings select Treatments & Plans to customise and add to your treatment list and any plans you have.

To create a treatment click the ‘new’ button, this creates a box where you can add the details and description of your new treatment. 

Enter the name of the treatment and a patient-friendly name if required. The patient-friendly name appears on invoices.

You can also choose the treatment region. The treatment regions are as follows:

  • Tooth - a treatment applied to a whole tooth e.g. crown or extraction
  • Surface - A treatment applied to a specific surface e.g. fillings
  • Site on Tooth - A treatment applied to a specific location on a tooth e.g. bar or post
  • Other site in mouth - treatments that do not fit into the other categories but is still in the patients mouth
  • Patient - Treatments applied to the whole patient e.g. anaesthetic 
  • tem - an item  e.g. prescription 

The Treatment Code is for you to enter your internal code system.

You can categorise your treatment into Diagnostic, Restorative etc. by clicking the drop down menu.

Enter the NHS options if required.

Clicking the description tab allows you to enter any default notes that appear when the treatment is selected in the chart. You are also given the option of adding a description for the treatment.

Commit these changes by clicking ‘Save’.

From here you will now be able to edit the icon, pricing and default times of the treatment. 

The icon tab gives you all the options for changing the site of the treatment, it’s colour, shape and text if required. 

Pricing allows you to edit the default pricing of the treatment for the single treatment as well as multiple treatments.

Default Times allows you to edit the default time of the treatment.

Last updated on 16th August 2018