Adding or Removing Exemption from an Existing Claim

If a claim has been raised for a patient that has an Exemption that is not appropriate, or has been raised without one, when there should be one, follow these steps:

To Add an Exemption:

No Exemption

Firstly ensure that the patient’s record has the correct Exemption entered in the Exemptions screen.

Go to Exemptions and click Add an Exemption, completing the details as required.

In the Chart screen, open the appropriate treatment plan and go to the treatment plan settings button at the bottom of the screen.

Treatment Plan Settings

Select the Exemption from the drop down list and click Save.

Select Exemption

Select the exemption from the drop down list.

If you are ready to then submit or resubmit the claim, click the Next button and follow through as normal.

If you do not yet need to submit the claim, just click back on the Treatment Plan’s number tab on the chart screen.

If an invoice has been raised incorrectly while the treatment plan contained a charge, you will need to remove this to remove the debt from the patient.

Go to the Accounts screen and delete the invoice using the bin option.

If you have problems removing the invoice, see our guide to removing invoices  here.

To Remove an Incorrect Exemption In the Chart screen, open the appropriate treatment plan and go to the Submit Claim option. Even if you aren’t about to submit the claim, you can enter this screen to remove the exemption.

Last updated on 25th June 2018