The Appointments Tab

The Appointments tab is a where you can see a patient’s past and future appointments, as well as any outstanding appointments requested from a treatment plan.

If a patient calls to find out any information about their appointments, this is the place to look.

The summary at the top of the screen gives a handy rundown of the patient’s appointment behaviour - how many completed, cancelled and FTA’d appointments as well as an indication of whether they arrive on time.

Unbooked Appointments

This is where appointments requested from a treatment plan are shown. To book these appointments into the calendar, you can use the ‘Add to Clipboard’ option. This places the appointment, with all of its requested information onto the clipboard, ready to be booked.

Once the appointment has been placed onto the clipboard, it will show in the Booked Appointments section at the bottom of the screen and show as ‘On Clipboard’ - clicking on this jumps you straight to the calendar, ready to drag the appointment to a date and time that suits the patient.

Booked Appointments

These are the patient’s past and future appointments, their status will show on the right and the date and time on the left is a link that will take you to that appointment in the calendar.

The edit button next to each appointment allows you to make changes to that appointment. From here any of the details of the appointment can be changed, or notes added.

Appointment Edit

If an appointment has been cancelled or the patient failed to attend, there will also be an option to duplicate that appointment and add it to the clipboard, to make rebooking quick and easy.

Appointment Copy

This will create a duplicate of the missed or cancelled appointment and place it directly on the clipboard, ready to book. If you then click on the ‘On Clipboard’ line, you will be taken to the calendar, ready to place the appointment where required.

Last updated on 19th June 2018