Calendar Rooms

The Rooms facility allows a practice to order their calendar by rooms instead of by practitioner. Rooms button

For example: if a practice has a surgery that is shared by multiple practitioners during the week, Dentist A on Monday to Wednesday and Dentist B on Thursday and Friday. Rather than having 2 books open, one for each practitioner, you can open one book for the room.

With the Calendar in ‘Rooms’ mode, you choose which rooms in the practice you want to view and book the patients into which room they will be seen in. You still need to select the Practitioner they are seeing when you book the appointment.

Booking with Rooms

Setting Up Rooms:

In order to use Rooms feature, you must set up which Rooms you wish to use in the practice.

You can do this is you have level 4 security access by going to the Settings Menu, Practice Settings and then the Calendar section.

Click on Expand next to the Rooms section and choose Add Room, then set:

Name: What the room will be called.

Colour: The colour you set here will be how the appointments are coloured in the calendar unless you choose to colour them by patient payment plan.

Position: When multiple rooms are viewed, which order on screen they appear.