Cancelling and Moving Appointments

From time to time, appointments in the calendar need to be changed. There are a number of ways to do this, depending on what is required:

The appointment needs to be moved to another time or book on the same day

Click on the appointment and drag it to the correct time or book. A ‘shadow’ view of the appointment will be shown until it has been dropped into the required space. Once dropped, you will be asked to confirm the changes you have made.

If you simply need to change the duration of the appointment, click on the bottom edge of the appointment in the book and drag the size either longer or shorter.

The appointment has been placed on the wrong date entirely

Click with the right mouse button and choose ‘Add to Clipboard’ from the drop down menu. The appointment will be added to the Clipboard in the top right hand corner of the screen. Navigate to the required date and time and click and drag the appointment from the clipboard into the required space. This will cleanly move the appointment to its new position and create a note in the Patient’s Audit that the appointment was moved.

The patient cancelled the appointment and has or has not booked for another date

If an appointment has been cancelled and rebooked, it is good practice to leave a record of the cancelled appointment in the patient’s records for future reference. However, to speed up the process of booking the remade appointment, the details can be carried forward. Find the patient’s details using the Patient Search, or ‘Recent Patients’ option and click on the ‘Appointments’ tab. This will show the full appointment history for the patient. Click on the button to the left of the appointment that you wish to cancel. This will open the screen allowing you to amend the selected appointment. Change the Status of the appointment to ‘Cancelled’ and make a note of any relevant information about the cancellation in the Notes box provided. Click Save. If the patient has requested to rebook the appointment, you can then copy it to the clipboard using the button, then navigate to the new date and drag it from the clipboard into the required slot.

I want to delete the appointment entirely

We only recommend using this option if the appointment has been made in error, as the appointment will not show in the history for that patient. A record of it will always be kept in the patient audit for future reference. Right click on the appointment in the calendar and choose ‘Delete’ from the drop down menu. Alternatively, anywhere you can view the appointment, you can go to the Edit screen and choose the ‘Delete’ option.