Showing a Comparison of Payment Plans to a Patient

If you have alternative Payment Plans available in your practice, it is helpful to be able to display the benefits of these to your patients.

Dentally allows you to produce an Estimate for work to be carried out under one payment plan and show its comparitive price under another.

Here’s how you do it:

Produce your treatment plan in the usual manner, using the the patient’s normal payment plan and create and Estimate.

Create Estimate

When choosing the estimate template, you can also select which payment plan to compare against. Just select ‘Compare with Plan’ and choose from your list of payment plans.

Estimate options

It would be a good idea to create an estimate template with alternative wording, explaining that the estimate contains pricing comparison and how you may have discussed the options with the patient.

You can see more information about creating and editing estimate templates here.

The Estimate will be produced showing the comparitive prices of both selected plans.

Comparitive Estimate

You can create as many estimates as you like, comparing against other payment plans. The patient can sign the estimate using the iPad app as before