Claiming for Incomplete Treatment/Course of Treatment

Incomplete Treatment

In some cases you may wish to make an NHS dental claim for an incomplete treatment. This can happen if a patient does not return during the course of a treatment or for some other reason. 

To submit a claim for an incomplete treatment you simply submit the claim as you normally would, with the incomplete items remaining on the treatment plan and not ticked as complete.

This will submit the claim, requesting the UDAs, but with only the patient charge for the completed NHS Band.

The NHS Clinical Data Set screen that shows the treatment you are sending will reflect these incomplete items by showing an incomplete marker instead of a completion date against those treatments.


If you do not wish to send the claim including the incomplete treatments, but wish to claim for just the completed work, just remove the incomplete treatments from the plan. The Audit will reflect that the treatments were originally on the claim, but removed and your notes should be written to reflect this.

Last updated on 25th June 2018