How to set up a patient for Dentally Pay

To set up Dentally Pay on a patient’s account first you will need to navigate to the patient’s profile and select ‘Account’.

Select the 'Setup Dentally Pay’ button which you can find underneath Invoices. Clicking  `Setup Dentally Pay’ will generate a unique link. This link is used to allow a patient to set up their direct debit. Clicking the link will open up a page where they can enter the following information:

  • Account Holder Name
  • Sort Code
  • Account number

Click 'Continue’ to bring up a confirmation box with the information you entered. Dentally Pay will verify the information and the direct debit will be set up.

Once the Direct Debit is set up the patient’s account will have a badge to show that Dentally Pay enabled and ready to use.

You can charge a patient using Dentally Pay immediately after the patient has entered their Direct Debit details.