Entering and Editing a Patient's Details

The Details tab is where the patient’s personal details are kept and edited.

It is split into three sections:

Basic Details

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • NI/NHS Number
  • Ethnicity - From a drop down list for NHS Transmission purposes

Address & Phone

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Doctor - From a searchable list configured from the Settings Menu in Contacts
  • Occupation - From a searchable predefined list

The Nationality options on the phone numbers will insert the correct dialling code for the country selected.

Please note, SMS messages will only be sent to the number in the Mobile field


  • Payment Plan
  • Dentist
  • Account - Allows the patient’s account to be linked to another patient in Dentally. Any invoices created for this patient will apply to the linked patient. For example a parent paying a child’s treatment costs
  • Recall intervals
  • Next Due Dates - Calculated from the patient’s last Exam and S&P appointments and can be overriden here
  • SMS/Email - These opt the patient out of receiving automatic SMS or Email appointment reminders
  • Preferred recall method - Separate to the Appointment reminder, this shows the preferred option when sending recalls
  • Acquisition source - This shows how the patient found the practice. From a configuarble list in the Settings menu, under Contacts

You can also add a picture if you wish by clicking the coloured square beside the patient name at the top of the tab. 

You have a number of ways to upload a picture of a patient if you choose:

  • Click the Upload button to upload the picture directly from your computer
  • Click the Webcam button to take a picture with the Webcam on your computer
  • Click one of the social media buttons to upload photos from those sites

Click ‘Save’ after you have changed any of the patients details. You can also discard changes which revert the details to the order they were previously.

The More Menu

More Menu

The More menu contains the options of Archiving the patient, Merging the patient’s records with another on the system or Adding a Family member.

Archive Patient takes them out of the day to day system but keeps all their information stored. They can be searched for still by typing an asterisk (Shift 8) in front of the details when searching. The record can then be unarchived if required.

Merge Patient allows the user to merge 2 patient’s records together if a duplicate has been created. This is available for Security Level 3 and 4 users only.

You can find out more about merging patients  here.

Add a Family Member allows you to quickly add a new patient with some information copied frm the currently open patient’s record.

Along the bottom of the patient’s ’Details’ tab is box that informs you of who last updated the records and when the patient was first added the patient to the system.

Last updated on 19th June 2018