iPad Estimates

The iPad app is a great way of showing the estimate to the patient while still in the practice. They can sign the estimate digitally and then it is kept in their records. All in a matter of seconds with no printing or scanning. Easy!

This is how you do it:

Produce an estimate from the treatment plan in the normal way and save it.

  • In the iPad app, with the relevant patient selected, any estimates you have produced will be in the ‘Estimates’ tab at the bottom of the screen.

  • Select the correct Estimate and press Enable Patient mode. This will lock the iPad app so the estimate is all they can see.

  • Once the patient is happy with the Estimate, they can sign the box at the bottom and press Done. They will then be told to pass the iPad back.

  • The iPad can then be unlocked by a member of staff, the signature checked and the signed estimate saved.

  • The signed estimate can now be seen in the Correspondence tab of the patient’s record. It will have a pen icon by it so you can see at a glance that it has been signed.

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