Incoming Correspondence

Your inbox can be found on the main menu bar of the dental software. Here you can access the practice inbox where all incoming patient Email and SMS correspondence is displayed.

Correspondence Inbox Selection

Here you can choose between viewing:

  • Inbox
  • Sent
  • Archived

To the left of the inbox you will see the following options:

Correspondence Type Selection

  • Select All - select all messages
  • Unread - mark selected messages as unread
  • Archive - archive selected messages

You can also choose between viewing Email or SMS correspondence.

Matching correspondence to a patient

If a message came from a source that Dentally recognises, such as a patient’s email address or mobile number, it will also be displayed in the patient’s Correspondence tab in their records.

If the message does not come from a source that Dentallty recognises, you can attach it to a patient’s correspondence by clicking on the ‘Assign to Patient’ option when viewing the message. Just search for the patient’s name in the usual way once the option has been selected.

When you archive messages in the Inbox, they are removed from the view to keep things tidy. If they have been matched to a patient, they will still be visible in their Correspondence tab.