Merging 2 Patient Records

Sometimes patients are accidentally added into Dentally twice. There will be two lots of notes, two sets of appointment history, etc. It happens, it's messy and it needs to be sorted!

In Dentally you have the ability to merge these patient records together, but please follow these steps carefully as they cannot be reversed.

When patients are merged, one record will be retained and all of the information for both patient records will be merged together into this record. The other patient will be archived.

The merge utility will not overwrite any information in the record which is to be kept, but will bring across any data that does not overwrite something that is already there. Once patients have been merged, each patient will have a note and audit entry to say that they have been merged and who with.

Make sure you are definitely sure which patient record you wish to keep and which is to be archived.

Only users with Level 3 security access or higher can perform this option.

OK, so this is how you do it:

In the Details section of the patient's record you wish to keep, open the 'More' menu and select 'Merge patient'.

Merge Patient Option

You can then select the patient you would like to merge with this one.

Once the patient has been selected, you will be shown which two records you have chosen. Click Merge and then confirm and you're all done!