Charting a Perio Exam

You can access and chart a 6 pocket perio exam for a patient by selecting the ‘Perio’ tab in the patient’s account.

To begin charting select 'Create a New Exam’. This will bring up the Perio chart ready to input the results.

In the chart you can choose between the Upper and Lower teeth with Upper being split into Buccal and Palatal and Lower being split into Buccal and Lingual.

Taking a Reading

The chart is split into Pocket Depth in the blue line and Recession in the orange line. 

Enter the score required (between 0 - 19) and hit enter on your keyboard to move to the next entry. 

At the bottom of the chart you can find the Mobility chart for mobility readings.

Adding Further Information

For adding further information to the Perio exam:

  • For Bleeding press 'b’ on the keyboard to add bleeding to the tooh.
  • For Supperation press ’s’ on the keyboard and it will add a supperation note on the tooth.
  • For Furcation there are three grades so pressing 'f’ once will produce a Grade 1 Furcation, pressing 'f’ twice will leave a Grade 2 Furcation and pressing 'f’ a third time will produce a Grade 3 Furcation. Pressing 'f’ again will remove the note.

 Click 'Save’ to record the exam.

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