Printing or Emailing an Invoice

If a patient requires a copy of their invoice, you can provide it from the Accounts screen.

Select the invoice by pressing its blue invoice number in the accounts screen.

Invoice Link

This will display the invoice on screen, showing how it will look when printed or emailed.

Invoice Options

The options of what you can do with this invoice are displayed in the top right of this preview screen.

Print the invoice by clicking on the Printer icon.

Email the invoice by clicking on the Envelope icon. You will be taken to the patient’s correspondence screen and an email will be opened with the invoice attached. It usually helps to create an email template to go with this invoice.

Download the invoice as a PDF file, by clicking on the Download icon.

The cross icon will close this view.

Printing a receipt

When a payment has been explained against an invoice, the print or file copy of the invoice will show any payments explained against it.

When an invoice has been paid in full, the invoice will be produced with the wording ‘Receipt’ in place of ‘Invoice’.

Marking an invoice or receipt as sent

The Mark as Sent option will place a marker on the invoice in the Accounts screen so you can see at a glance that the patient has been given a copy.

Marked As Sent

Changing how your invoice/receipt looks.

You can edit the wording on your invoices and receipts in the Templates section of the Settings menu. (Administrator level users only)

Last updated on 25th June 2018