Sending Recalls

To recall your patients in Dentally, you need to run the Recalls report and filter the results to just those patients you wish to contact.

Firstly and most importantly, you should filter the report to show you the recalls due between the dates you require.

Recall Report Date Filter

Set these dates at the top of the report, this will filter the results to only show patients with a recall between those dates.

Using the Filters

You can then filter the results down further to show only then patients you want to contact.

Type - Filtering by type will allow you to show only those patients who are due to see the Dentist/Hygienist/Dentist & Hygienist. This allows you to tailor your correspondence to better suit the reason the patient needs to make an appointment.

Practitioner - This will allow you to filter the list down to specfic practitioners if required, or choose All Practitioners.

Method - If you want to send a recall to all of your patients whose preferred contact method is SMS, for example, you can use this filter to leave only those people on the list.

Status - To contact the people who have a recall and have not yet booked an appointment, you should set this filter to ‘Unbooked’.

Contacted - You can filter the list to show patients you have not already contacted, or have contacted before. You may wish to find patients you have already contacted once and remain unbooked so you can send them an alternative correspondence. Selecting 'Contacted’ shows everyone, regardless if they have already been recalled or not.

In the example below we have filtered for patients due a Dentist recall, who are registered with Kevin Bell, who receive their recalls by SMS and have already been contacted once.

Recall Filters

Now we have the list of patients we want to contact, we can review the list and choose who to send the messages to.

To select patients to contact, tick the check box next to their name. To tick a whole page at a time, tick the box at the very top of the list.

Now that we have some patients ticked, we can choose what to do with them.

To send a correspondence, click on the type you want to send and choose the template you want to send from the drop down list.

You can create a new recall correspondence template to use directly from this screen which takes you to the Templates option in the Settings menu.