Recording a Patient's Medical History

The medical tab in a patient’s account is used to track the patient’s medical history.

To record a new medical history:

  • Click ‘New Medical History’.
  • If the patient has answered a questionnarire previously, their answers will be carried forward. If not, all answers are set to ‘No’, to change the answer to ‘Yes’ click anywhere on the question. 
  • You can add patient or practice comments if required.
  • Click ‘Save’ to commit the changes.

Once you have submitted a medical history you have 24 hours to update it before it is locked. After this you will need to record a new medical history. 

When the medical history has been updated it will appear in the record with a green heart if there are no issues with the medical history while a red heart indicates a medical issue that may require attention.

If the patient has any important medical information of note there is the Medical Alert option which flags the information at the top of the patients account next to their name.

To set a medical alert:

  • Click ‘Show alert’. This will place a discreet Red Heart by the patient’s name, indicating there is something to check in their Medical History.
  • Click ‘Set alert text’. This will place a worded alert by the patient’s name - you can also use this option to amend an existing alert.
  • Enter the required alert.

If the patient has recorded their medical history using the iPad app

The Medical History will show with the patient’s name showing that is has been recorded by them. The entry will also display an icon of a tablet and a pen, if the form was signed. These questionnaires cannot be edited by the user once they have been signed.

Signed Medical Form

Last updated on 19th June 2018