Adding/Editing Templates


In Settings select Templates to add or edit your practice templates. You have 4 types of templates you can setup:

  • Letters
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • SMS

To add a new template select ‘New Template’. From here you can add the name of the template and what kind of template it is from the selection above. Enter the required communication as well any data tags required.

Always remember to copy the CSS style from a previous template across to the new template. This will ensure that your correspondence displays correctly on a patient’s computer. You can find the current CSS style under the main body of the letter. If there is an existing template who’s appearence you wish to copy, you can select “Duplicate existing template” which will clone the selected letter.

Click Save Template to commit the changes. 

To edit an existing template click the Expand button beside any template and edit it as required. Click save to commit any changes.

Headers and header paper

In Dentally you can enter your logo in Settings and this will appear on the header of any templates you create along with your company information, address etc.

If you have your own headed paper please let us know and we may be able to assist you or if you feel comfortable with HTML and CSS then you may be able to edit this yourself in the Template Settings.

Recall Templates

Each template has an option to select whether it should appear in the recall report. Setting this to yes will allow you to use this template when sending recalls.