Estimate Templates

When you provide the patient with an Estimate, you may want to have different wording depending on the patient or the payment plan they are under. You may also like to have different wording if you are providing an estimate which compares two payment plans.

To do this, you can choose from different templates when you produce the estimate.

Select Estimate Template

You can add new estimate templates, or edit existing ones in the Templates section of the Settings menu. Remember, you need to have an Administrator level security login to access the Settings menu.

In the Settings menu, go to Templates, then select the Estimates tab.

This will display the existing templates, which you can edit using the Edit button against each entry.

To create a new template, select ‘New Template’

You can start by duplicating one of the existing templates and making changes as required

You can edit:

The template Name: How you will select this template from the list

Patient Salutation: How this estimate will address the patient; 'Dear Patient firstname,’ etc.

The main body of text allows you to set some default wording to go with the estimate of costs. This can obviously be added to when the estimate is produced.

Footnote: This allows you to add further text below the treatment details and costs.

Terms: Here you would enter any terms and conditions you may wish to express on your estimate.

Removing an Estimate Template

If you do not wish to use a particular template any more, you can remove it from the list of available template options by setting its 'Active’ status to 'No’.

Template Active