Practice Settings

Practice Settings is the place to go when you need to manage practice details, calendars etc. To get to there select Settings and click Practice Settings. 

Practice Setting is split into 7 sections:

  • Name & Address
  • Calendar 
  • Patient Communication
  • Recalls
  • Logo
  • NHS
  • Billing

Name & Address

This is where you set the practice details - name, address, email etc. 

These details will appear on patient correspondence sent from Dentally. 


Set your practice opening times as well as the minimum appointment duration

Patient Communication

Patient Communication has two sections:

  • Appointment Settings
  • Other Settings

Appointment Settings

Here you can set your reminders and confirmations as well as setting out the template for the messages you will be sending. You can set messages for SMS reminders and confirmations and Email reminders. 

Other Settings

In Other Settings you can set the email footer for your practice emails. You also have the option to turn patient friendly tooth naming off or on. 


This allows you to setup how the recalls report operates. Select if you wish to enable them and how long in advance you want the report to run (to a maximum of 8 weeks).

By expanding the first and second recall reminder you can set out the template for each type of reminder - SMS, Letter and Email.


You can upload your practice logo. This will appear on all patient correspondence. We recommend an aspect ratio of 3x1 with a preference of 900px by 300px.


If you are an NHS practice you will want to enable NHS settings on Dentally. You can add or edit your location ID, site ID and country. 

You can also add or edit your NHS contract(s) including targets and dates with any notes. Click ‘Create new Contract’ to open up a dropdown box and insert the information. To edit an old contract click 'Edit’.


This is where you enter the direct debit information for the practice. Your account manager can help you with this if required.