Setting up Automatic Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Practice Settings>Patient Communication>Appointment settings

Once you have expanded this section, you can switch on and configure your automatic reminders. You’re one step closer to reducing FTA appointments!

Choose how many days before the appointment you wish the patient to be reminded. Remember the reminder goes out at the time of the appointment, so a patient being seen at 14:00 on Tuesday will receive a reminder at 14:00 on Monday with a 1 day lead time.

Switch on the methods you wish to use. With each option switched on, you can set the wording of the reminder in the box that opens. The Data Tags allow you to personalise the message.

You’re done! If a patient has their details yes to receive SMS or email, they will get a reminder by the preferred method you have chosen for them.

Automatic Appointment Confirmation

Appointments can be confirmed, when the patient has acknowledged their appointment. This can be done manually once the patient has been contacted, by clicking on the appointment status an changing the P to a C.

This can also be done automatically, by sending a text that the patient can reply to with a YES or NO and this will mark the appointment in the calendar accordingly.

Switch on SMS Confirmations in this section and set the lead time. You can then set the wording of the SMS.