Submitting an NHS Claim

When NHS treatment has been charted marked as complete you will be shown a ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the treatment plan. This creates the NHS claim and starts the submission process. Complete or confirm the entries in each screen and press the Next button.

If the ‘next’ button is not available to press, there is information incomplete on that screen which is stopping you from moving on.

Step 1

This step shows you all of the information about the claim:

The patient’s name and details are shown to confirm, along with the UDA value and patient charge

Claim Value

The patient exemption can be confirmed in this first screen if it has not already been assigned.

Below this is displayed the Clinical Data Set information that shows the NHSBSA what treatment you have provided or is being sent as incomplete.

  • Type of treatment and what category it falls in
  • Treatment Charge Band
  • If it was provided as a free repair
  • If it was entered as urgent treatment
  • Date the treatment was completed (or left as incomplete)


Step 2

Here you are able to confirm the various treatment details. You can also edit details if you need to.

Particular care should be taken when selecting the performer and NHS contract.

Transmission Details

The Start Date will be taken from the earliest treatment on the treatment plan. The End Date can be selected or set as Today, by clicking on the option.

Select whether the work is being provided as a Continuation of treatment from a previous claim within 2 months. If the work is Treatment on Referral, or if the patient is recieving a reduced cost replacement under Regulation 11 select Yes in the appropriate field.

The Best Practice Prevention declaration is ticked for you automatically and can be deselected.


Step 3

The completed clinical data set entries will be displayed here along with the DMF table showing Decayed, Missing and Filled teeth figures. The Base Chart and treatment plan should complete the figures for you if charted, but the figures can be amended here if required.


Check the standard submission declarations by ticking each option or select all, buy clicking the ‘Check All Declarations’ button.

You finish submitting the claim by clicking ‘Submit’.


You will be asked to confirm that you wish to complete the treatment plan once the claim has been submitted. This follows the usual procedure of completing treatment plans and confirms the patient’s next visit date and closes the plan.

Note: Once you have submitted a claim there is a delay of 1 hour before it will be submitted to the NHS. This time allows you to amend any errors the claim might have.

Once the claim has been submitted, you will need to wait until you have received acknowledgement that it has been successfully passed to Claims Processing, before you can resubmit it for any reason.

Last updated on 19th June 2018