Permission Levels

Permission levels describe the amount of access a user has when using our dental software, Dentally.

0 - No Access (Access Level 0)

This option means the user will have no access to the system. This User level is useful for when a member of staff leaves as it removes their access from the system but keeps their activity log for future reference. 

1 - Reception (Access Level 1)

This access level is usually reserved for receptionist or clerical staff, this level allows the user to check calendars add appointments, make payment on the system and view all patient details.

2 - Standard Practitioner (Access Level 2)

Level 2 is the level for a standard practitioner. It includes all level 1 functionality. This allows any dentist or hygienist to access the chart and add treatments to a patient’s records, create and update treatment plans as well as creating estimates. Access level 2 users can not see any practice financial reports.

3 - Practice Manager (Access Level 3)

Level 3 is recommended for Practice mangers and includes all the functionality of level 2. Additionally they can see the practice financial reports. 

4 - Administrator (Access level 4) 

Level 4 is recommended for owners or administrators as it allows all functionality.

Level 4 users can edit and add NHS contracts, delete estimates, change pricing and edit all the settings.