Using Dentally Mail

Dentally Mail saves you the time, hassle and expense of printing and sending your postal correspondence.

With Dentally Mail enabled, your printed correspondence is submitted electronically at 16:00, printed and posted out the same day.

Once Dentally Mail is enabled and configured, the printing stage when saving a letter will give you the option to send the letter by Dentally Mail, or to print the letter yourself as usual.

Postal Options

The Dentally Mail postal options will be displayed with your default mailing and printing options. These can be set in the Dentally Mail section of your Practice Settings Menu.

Once you select Save, you will be shown the letter on the preview screen. When you close this, the letter will be sent to your Dentally Mail printing list. The letters on this list are then submitted at 16:00 every day and will be printed and posted for you. If you need to amend the letter further at this point, the Edit button will return you to the letter editing screen.

Any letters sent by Dentally Mail will be shown in the patient’s Correspondence tab and can be viewed, edited or printed as normal from this screen. Any letters sent using Dentally Mail will show with a postbox icon in the Correspondence tab.

Sent By Dentally Mail

Quick Send letters, such as those produced by the recall report or by sending a letter from the calendar will be sent by Dentally Mail with your default postal options.

Checking Your Printing List and removing letters

What if you submitted a letter and need to remove it?

In the Reports Menu, the Unposted Letters report in the Practice section will display any letters marked to be sent by Dentally Mail that have not yet been submitted.

Unposted Letters

To help find the letters you may need to find in this report, they can be filtered by the type of letter and by which user created them. If you need to remove letters from this list before they are posted, tick the letters you wish to remove and click the ‘Delete Selected Letters’ option at the top of the screen. You will only see this Delete option once at least one letter has been selected. This list only shows letters that have not yet been submitted to Dentally mail and processed. Once they have been sent, the list will be empty.

Last updated on 19th June 2018