Clinical Records That Work For You

  • See at a glance planned treatments and historical records
  • Completely customisable with all your own colours and icons
  • All your imaging is right in the chart, without navigating away
  • Plan complex courses treatment in seconds
  • Create your own favourites list for the treatments you use most often
Dentally Clinical Charting

Simple layout that helps your work

Charting Screenshot Detail

Save time

Writing up notes always takes time and we want to make it as easy as possible. Dentally allows you to build quick notes for everything you chart, saving you from typing the same things over and over again. This lets you spend more time talking to your patients, giving them a better experience.

See what you have planned at a glance

Dentally's chart layout allows you to see at a glance what the patient already has in their mouth and what you have planned to do next, and as you complete the planned treatment the patient's baseline is automatically updated.

Charting that works for you

Treatment Lists

Dentally offers you the flexibility you have with paper charts but with absolutely non of the hassle. Changing your treatment list is straight forward and you can do it in seconds. You don't need another degree to work our menus and configuration!