Benefits Of The Cloud

  • Works on Mac, Windows or even Linux
  • Absolutely no software to install, ever
  • Regular updates, applied automatically
  • Securely backed up several times an hour
  • Reduce your IT costs as there's no need for servers or powerful computers!

What is cloud software?

Dentally cloud practice management software is completely web based. There's nothing to download, install or update as you simply access it through your regular web browser

Using the cloud also means you can access your system from anywhere. You can do things like check your appointment book, write up patient notes and see how the practice is performing all from the comfort of your own home.

Your data is secure

You no longer have to worry about your computer crashing and losing patient records. We take backups of your data and securely transfer it to our backup servers several times an hour.

We use the same level of encryption as your bank to ensure your data is protected. We also offer free two-factor authentication for practices that require an extra layer of security.

Simplify your setup

Being on the cloud frees you from all of the restraints of owning and managing complicated in house IT setups. The only two ingedients you need to run Dentally is a computer and an internet connection (0.5Mbps is plenty!).

Unlimited users, unlimited features

We charge for Dentally per surgery which means you can add as many users or computers as you'd like at no extra cost. Every single practice also get access to all of the features we offer - never again will you have to spend thousands of pounds paying for an additional "module".

Rock solid performance

We publish our uptime statistics and since launch we've achieved an uptime of over 99.99% so you can rest assured that Dentally is up and running when you need it.

We also have an average server response time of just 46ms which easily makes Dentally the fastest practice management system in the world.