Comprehensive Imaging Integration

  • All of your images are stored right there, in the patient's record
  • Integrates with nearly all imaging formats
  • Combine all your X-rays with intra & extraoral photos
  • Account for all your X-rays with easy to use auditing
  • No need for another bit of software to view your images
Imaging Screenshot

Imaging that saves you time

With Dentally you can easily see all of the images you have taken right in the patient chart, working with just about every image format so you can use images taken from your existing X-ray machine or intraoral camera. The charting page also shows you which teeth you already have an X-ray of, helping you make sure that you minimize patient radiation exposure.

Never worry about storage

As Dentally is cloud based you can take as many pictures or X-rays as you like and it will never slow your experience of the software down. It will stay as fast as it was on day one.

Optimised for speed

Dentally includes a tool that stores multiple copies of each of your images so we can really save on sending large files to your computer. But we also preserve the original in a unaltered state to make sure you have the best quality X-ray for closer exaimination. This system allows for rapid browsing of your images, you no longer have to wait for the image to load.

X-ray Auditing

Dentally has the tools to conduct full X-ray audits, so you can see instantly how many you are taking and their grading.

X-ray Upload