Complete NHS Integration

  • Submit claims to the NHS straight from the patient's chart
  • See your progress at a glance towards your UDA targets
  • See responses from the NHS within 24 hours
  • Handle multiple contracts with ease
  • Quickly track each claim's status
UDA Report

Effortless UDA Management

Dentally allows you to effortlessly manage your NHS contracts and submit your NHS claims. Dentally's UDA Tracker keeps tabs on your UDA targets and shows your current progress in a simple to understand dashboard. The practice overview allows you to keep track of your Associates NHS work as well.

Daily NHS Schedules

Dentally can receive daily NHS schedule updates to provide you with a upto date, actuate number of completed UDAs allowing you to better plan your time.

NHS Changes

We handle all of the NHS changes for you, so things like fee changes each April are applied for you.

Dentally will be ready when the new NHS contracts are launched and there will be absolutely nothing for you to install.