Patient Communication

  • Two way SMS communication as standard
  • Text and email patients straight from the software
  • Get fewer missed appointments with customisable reminders
  • Never lose a patient with automatic recalls
  • Upload all your patient referrals right into their record
SMS Screenshot

Automatic recalls

With our simple to use automated recall tools we'll make sure you never lose a patient again. You can easily see which patients are due for a checkup, which have been contacted and those that haven't booked yet for further follow up.

  • Recall patients by SMS or email according to their preference

  • Print letters for patients without a mobile or email

Text messages

With Dentally you have advanced SMS communication right out of the box. Appointment recalls and reminders can be sent automatically at a time of your choosing. Each practice has it's own unique SMS number allowing patients to reply directly. You can also send custom texts to each patient and their responses are shown in a practice wide SMS inbox for you or your staff to see.

All of the text messages you send to the patients are stored on that patient's record so you can easily refer back to previous communication.

Email & Letters

Much in the same way as text messages Dentally includes a practice wide email inbox and unique email address with zero configuration on your part. This allows you to seamlessly correspond with patient via email. All messages are automatically linked to the patient's record so you can easily refer back to previous communication.

Treatment estimates and invoices can be emailed directly from Dentally to the patient at the click of a button helping your practice become paper free.

With letters Dentally allows you to fully customise your letter templates so that all of your communication looks great. With easy to use editing tools you can quickly draft a letter and print it.

Upload correspondence

Dentally also allows you to easily upload documents you receive from the patient or from referral specialists and store them in the patient record. As we are a cloud based system you can upload as much as you want without worrying about it slowing down your computer.