Periodontal Charting

  • Easily enter complete periodontal data about your patients
  • Print and share charts with your patients
  • Interactive graph updates pocket depth in realtime
  • Easily track a patient's progess over time
  • Dentally continuously saves data so you don't lose your readings mid exam
Laptop Perio Charting

Full Six Pocket Perio Charting

Full Periodontal Charting

Great data visualisation

The whole reason behind full perio charting is to work with patients to improve their oral health. Dentally allows you to print complete diagrams for your patients, to give them something to work towards. You can then easily compare two measurements over time and track the patient's progress with their engagement.

Our full perio charting also allows for quick, secure data entry. We continuously save the chart as you're entering the readings so you never lose anything regardless what happens.


In Dentally the BPE is readily accessible right in the patient chart. It's very easy to quickly enter the data with clear indicators for bleeding and furcation.