Practice Management, Made Easy

  • Gain a deep insight into your practice's workings
  • Add as many reports as you like
  • Reports run in seconds so you are never waiting for your data
  • View reports on your real-time data
  • Easily export your reports into your favourite speadsheets, or to send to your accountant
Reporting Screenshot
Invoice Timeline

Keep track of your money

Dentally helps you keep track of your practice's finances with ease. The invoicing timeline allows you to see straight away how much your practice is earning each month and how much your patient's owe you.

Dentist friendly

No-one enjoys staring at pages of numbers so Dentally digests those and gives you great graphs of all of your financial information, helping you see what's happening on a daily basis.

Accountant friendly

All your financial infomation can be easily downloaded and sent to your accountant in a format that they can import straight into their books, so they can work better with you to build your business.

Key performance indicators

Your KPIs are a real insight into how your business is running. To make this easy for you Dentally provides a dashboard with real-time updates of all your critical insights. You can instantly see how many failure to attends you get. What your daily earnings are and how much your patients owe you. More detailed reports will tell you what your gross earnings per hour are.