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Patient management

There’s no need to worry with Dentally around. Think of it as your personal PA, keeping your practice moving and helping you out. Smooth appointment bookings, waiting room management, full audit on patient history, payment and scheduling future visits are all simple to do.

Why Dentally Stay Connected

Stay connected

We know how important relationships are, so that’s why we designed Dentally to help you keep in touch with your patients. Dentally can handle the day-to-day automations, freeing you up to be more personal when you need to be.

Conversations are easier, you can send, receive and reply to SMSs and emails directly through Dentally and can easily print letters. Every point of communication from the system is customised with you details, with templates for SMS, email and letters to allow you to speed up your communications workflow. If you want to send an individual message through the system, it is quick and easy to do.

We make sure your communication is seamless, automating personal conversations through the patient’s preferred means, whether it is simple confirmation messages, appointment reminders or more timely recalls. This allows your reception team to focus more time on the service and experience you wish to offer your patients.

Secure data

Cloud-based software that keeps you safe. Full patient medical and correspondence history is accessible fast, and you can sit back calm in the knowledge that all of your patients’ files and treatment plans are stored securely.

Why Dentally Secure Data
Why Dentally Patient Experience

Patient experience

With Dentally your patients can expect a journey that’s so smooth they’ll barely notice the process. Cue easy booking that is built into your practice website, engaging clinical visuals, simple recalls and rapid payments. Dentally for ipad improves your digital workflow and the level of service that the patient receives. It not only means that your reception team can check in patients, but patients themselves can create and sign medical history, plus consent to planned treatments and complete necessary NHS forms.

Smarter scheduling

Scheduling has never been this fast, with automated recalls and suggested appointment times.

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Manage multiple appointments

Multi-task like a pro, without lifting a finger. Keep more than one appointment book open at a time and edit multiple tasks simultaneously.

Flexible scheduling

A tailored, interactive calendar to correspond to practice opening times, holidays and emergency time.

Patient correspondence

Easy-to-explore patient accounts. Quickly access full patient correspondence, medical history, generate new invoices and view past ones.

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Seamless booking

No need to worry about changing your website. Dentally can interact smoothly and safely to provide a fully integrated booking service.

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Clear clinical visuals

Easy-to-interpret clinical visuals engage your patients. Communication is easier when the details are clearer.

Lg Icon In Practice Ease@2X
In-practice ease

Fast patient search, fast appointment booking, fast patient details and fast payments – record invoices or use Dentally Pay.

Lg Icon Transparent Records@2X
Transparent records

For peace of mind, Dentally stores a full history of any changes made to the patient record, with a timestamp and a user ID.

There is more to Dentally

Small Icon Clinical Excellence@2X
Clinical excellence

Dentally streamlines your clinical practice, letting you provide the best care possible.

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Report smarter

Let Dentally do the number crunching with intuitive, accessible reporting.

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Take Dentally further

Dentally integrates with popular tools and the NHS for flexible use.

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